My name is Rebekkah (and no, it’s not a typo!)  and I am the owner of Runway Events. 

If I am not working on planning an event, you will find me listening to music (I listen to almost everything…from Lauryn Hill to Linkin Park), keeping up with the latest fashion trends or coming up with new crazy ideas. My beverage of choice is a cup of coffee or a glass of delicious red wine (guilty!). 

The name “Runway Events” was inspired by my incredible love for fashion. I am obsessed with America’s Next Top Model (SO guilty!) and I was always in awe how every model directly reflects its designer from hair and makeup to the actual attire in such an incredible way. It was always amazing to me how smooth and effortless it seemed to be… yet no matter what model was walking down that runway, you saw the designer. I wanted to take that vibe into all of our events as it should absolutely reflect you.

I’m married to the love of my life, Frankie. We met almost ten years ago at a little coffee shop in Orlando (love hint #1: my love for coffee) where there was a live band (love hint #2: my love for music) and the rest is history. My hubby is a hairstylist so you may see a few changes in my hair color. I'm all about trying something new and trendy! Being married to my love is why I completely understand how important it is to have your day run smooth. This way, you are really able to enjoy it with the love of yours and savor every moment.