5 Ways to Create Memorable Moments on Wedding Day

It’s no secret that your wedding day goes by so fast.  As a wedding planner, I see it often where couples are so worried about attending to family and friends that they forget to spend time with each other.


It’s totally important to make your guests feel amazing, but it’s also important to take a few deep breaths and soak in the fact that YOU ARE MARRIED. Insane, right?! Whether its two months or two years of planning – it all comes down to this one, incredibly important day.


So, let’s be real. Spending time with your new partner in life doesn’t mean you disappear for hours – it doesn’t even mean you have to be alone. It just has to be a memorable moment that you can look back on and say, “that was awesome”.


That being said, I’d love to share 5 different ideas to create memorable moments on your wedding day. I hope this helps you soak in this amazing day together.


1. Ceremony Unity Items
Photo Credit: The Porto’s


The representation of a unity item is two families – two people from separate backgrounds and sometimes-different parts of the world come together to be one. Some couples choose to opt out of a ceremony unity item and some put a twist on it.

The most traditional unity item is a unity candle. This is where three candles sit on a table – two tall taper candles and one large pillar candle in the middle. Traditionally, the Mothers of the Bride and Groom or a close family member light the two smaller candles prior to the ceremony beginning and then during the ceremony the Officiant has the Couple use both of the smaller candles to light the middle one together.


I’ve seen some couples do time capsules – where they write letters to each other and place them in a box to open on the 5 or 10-year anniversary. I’ve seen a wine blend – where two varieties of wine are mixed together and a chord of three strands, which is braided together and symbolizes the couple and God.


The opportunities are endless but it’s important that you don’t just do a unity item because you feel like you have to – the unity item and that particular moment should represent you and your fiancé 110%.

2. First Look / First Touch
Photo Credit: The Porto’s


The most important part about this moment is this: if seeing your fiancé before you walk down the isle will put you at ease – DO IT. A lot of people worry that it won’t have the same effect as walking down the aisle. I beg to differ – First Looks have honestly been some of the sweetest moments of the whole day. It’s a moment that the two of you have before the craziness begins to just say everything you wanted to say – and get some photos out of the way too! Some Couples want to see each other for the first time when they walk down the aisle- and that’s totally a beautiful moment, too.


If you don’t have an opinion either way – keep in mind the lighting. Usually the photographer recommends “golden hour” for Couple portraits – which is usually an hour before sunset.


First Touch is a moment prior to the ceremony where you hold hands (usually with a corner or door between you), talk to each other, pray with each other – whatever that moment is for the two of you – without peeking.


3. Gift / Letter Exchange
Photo Credit: Marcoz and Miranda


Some of the most amazing moments of a wedding day have been during a letter exchange. The coolest part about this moment – is that you can say everything you want to say during that moment, on paper. Some couples prefer to read it out loud for video purposes – which make an even more epic video.  


Some couples also choose to exchange gifts as well – cufflinks, watches, jewelry, perfume, etc. Sometimes it’s an inside joke or a small memory of their relationship.


Normally, this is done prior to the Ceremony or First Look but I’ve seen First Touch moments where the couple reads the letters without seeing each other and it’s an insanely beautiful moment.


4. Married Moment
Photo Credit: The River’s


I call the moment after you are married and recess down the aisle the “Married Moment”. You are stupid happy and until you get distracted by more photos or people screaming “Congrats!” – you get to spend at least 5 minutes with each other. We usually sneak our couples away into the Bridal Suite or a less populated area and give them a moment while we get the family ready for photos.

I know, I know – everyone wants to talk to you. You’re the stars of the show BUT, take 5 minutes people. You won’t regret it. Even if it is just to say, “I love you” and “Holy Crap, we’re married”.

5. Private Last Dance
Photo Credit: Chelsea Renay


After the Last Song has been danced and your guests have exited the reception space, you will have one final last song – alone with your new Wife or Hubby.

I usually recommend that you are completely alone other than your photographer or videographer and your band or DJ. It’s honestly one of the best ways to end your night - back where it started – each other.


Every time I have a couple who wants to do a private last dance, I peek through the door and my eyes tear up a little. It’s a sigh of relief and overwhelming love all at the same time.


Well, there you have it - 5 ways to create memorable moments on wedding day – and enjoy every minute of it.

Rebekkah Rosado