Brittani + Jon | Wythe Hotel | Brooklyn, New York


We didn't think we needed a wedding planner, maybe just "Day Of" because we are pretty good at organizing and planning things (or so we thought). So we hired Rebekkah + her team for the "DOC" package. Just after a few weeks of hiring her... she was asking certain questions and we realized we had no idea what we were doing. So we upgraded to the FULL PLANNING package. We not only needed HELP to plan but someone to talk us through things (which was worth every penny to upgrade the package because we really needed some insight on things). Come wedding day, there were SO MANY LITTLE (and big) things that needed to be handled. Rebekkah + her team were on top of it. I could actually sit back on our wedding day, take it all in, drink some champagne and enjoy time with family + friends KNOWING that things were taken care of behind the scenes. "Where are our Vow Books?" Rebekkah has them. "Where are the rings?" Rebekkah has them. It's about to rain! What should we do?" Rebekkah is checking her weather app every 10 minutes and has a back up plan. No need to worry. "I need deodorant! I'm sweating because I'm so nervous!" Rebekkah has some in her survival kit. Doesn't sound like much leading up to the big day, but when you are IN THE MOMENT,DAY OF, the last thing you want to feel is like something is misplaced, missing or disorganized. Everyone around me was "present" to enjoy our day because Runway Events had it all taken care of. To be honest, the day was perfect because of Runway Events. I know for certain if we didn't hire her + her team.. it would have been a hot mess. Why spend all this time + money into one day and take that huge risk of it being stressful by not hiring the right vendors? It isn't our job to plan or coordinate. We are supposed to get married, enjoy the day with our loved ones and PARTY! And that's exactly what my husband + I did. We hired the pro's, like Rebekkah, to do what she does best, while we enjoyed our day. Trust Rebekkah, trust the process of it all and I promise you... everything will be smooth and so amazing.

Venue: Wythe Hotel
Photographer: Benj Haisch
Florist: Buds of Brooklyn
Officiant: Frank Rose
DJ: Xavier Blk
Live Music: On the Move
Cake: Nine Cakes