Kristen + Andrew | Four Seasons Orlando

Kristen’s Runway Review

“Getting ready and taking pictures with Andrew and my loved ones before the ceremony. The timing was amazing and nothing was rushed so I really got to spend time laughing and making memories with my favorite people. There's nothing more spectacular than knowing so many people love you and are there to celebrate with you - it was priceless. Absolutely perfect. I never dreamed of having a wedding that amazing. Everyone warns you that there's you feel down the day after your wedding, but I felt the opposite. I was just basking in the glow of all of the love and generosity of everyone. I still cannot believe it was real life. Ahh! It was pure bliss. Oh my gosh. Rebekkah is my spirit animal. She's the coolest person I've ever met and I'm super obsessed with her. I consider myself to be pretty detail oriented and a planner, but I trusted Rebekkah with everythinggggg and just soaked up every second of my wedding day knowing that she could handle absolutely everything. Easy peasy. Rebekkah gave us a "to do list" about 6 weeks before our wedding so we were able to work through it on our own time and she was alwayssss right there to answer any questions we had along the way. The craziest part now that I think back, is that everything was done about a week before the actual wedding, so my fiance and I got to relax and enjoy our last week as an engaged couple instead of running around like crazies to finish last minute details. I just want to thank you guys again for an absolutely incredible day. My heart is so warm. <3”

Alexis Brim