My family and I hired Rebekkah as a day of wedding planner, and she completely exceeded our expectations. From the moment I first spoke to her on the phone, I felt assured and confident that she would be a huge help, but I had no idea just how much. I was planning my wedding from out of state and at a campground that wasn't technically a venue which proved a little difficult. I could not have done this with such limited stress levels if it hadn't been for Rebekkah! She was extremely responsive, compassionate and willingly to answer any question I had. She constantly checked in with me, and when it came to a couple months before the wedding we went over everything in great detail. She learned everything and anything and followed up with every vendor. She made organized schedules and lists and distributed so everyone was in the loop. From there, I knew I would be in good hands and did not have to worry… which was such a relief the week before the wedding. It allowed me to really cherish that extended time with loved ones and my soon-to-be husband. They never even met me in person nor saw the site until the rehearsal day, but the Runway team dealt with everything that came at them with ease. She had every detail planned, out and if something came up she adjusted and continued without needing anything from me. She helped design the wedding on the day gorgeously and then continued to help manage every single aspect. She seemed like she was able to be in a million places at once! I am so so grateful to have met Rebekkah and hired Runway Events for our wedding. Rebekkah is a passionate, talented individual that lights up every room she's in, and I'm blessed to have met her!



Rebekkah was amazing! We hired her as a “Day of Coordinator” but she did so much more than that. Vendor suggestions, setting the schedule months in advance, tips for the ceremony and reception, answering all of my emails and texts almost immediately, running the rehearsal, all of the set-up and décor, and so much more I can’t even remember. I did not enjoy planning a wedding- but Rebekkah kept me on schedule and would assure me that things would work out fine. She really deserves a score of 10 instead of 5 for value. We looked at several coordinators and she had one of the best prices, gave us so much more than anyone else would have, and was a real pleasure to work with.

Hire her- the day of the wedding I was asked so many questions like “where do we go?” and “when is this happening?” It was the best feeling to be able to say “I don’t know, go ask Rebekkah” and have full confidence that she knew the answer and would handle it.

The last thing I thought I needed was a wedding planner. I am a super organized, make to-do lists, type of girl. So when Runway Events was highly recommended to me I was skeptical of what they could do for us, and if we NEEDED them. Hiring them was without a doubt the BEST decision we made for our wedding. I was mind blown with the amount of details and decisions that go into the actual wedding day and how much help is needed with all of it. Rebekkah is incredibly professional while maintaining a fun, easy vibe. She can make any "problem" disappear, put your nerves to rest, and deal with guests without breaking a sweat. She makes the day run smoothly and perfectly, and thinks of the small details that you would never consider. Without her and her amazing team, I don't think I would have been able to fully enjoy my wedding day like I did. I had no worries knowing she was there, taking care of the guests, gifts, food, photos, ceremony, transportation, music, EVERYTHING. She made sure we were brought plates of appetizers before we walked into the reception so we could have some food before seeing all of our guests AND had packaged food waiting for my husband and I afterwards so that we could enjoy the food from our wedding. She makes you feel special and has this magical power to calm all of your nerves and convince you that everything is perfect. Even when it started to rain minutes before our outdoor ceremony she came up with solutions in a split second and had the ceremony back on track within minutes. If there is anything I can recommend, to all of the brides who are considering Runway Events, it's this: hire them. Don't rely on your own organizational skills, or on all of your other married friends who never hired a wedding planner, and don't underestimate the amount of work and dedication that Rebekkah will put into making sure your wedding day is absolute perfection.


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