Hey Lovely!

I'm Rebekkah, the owner of Runway Events and Floral Design Guru. We are SO excited for the opportunity to be a part of designing your gorgeous floral and bringing your vision to life. Whether you have a super simple vision or an elaborate one - you came to the right place! :)

After you fill out the inquiry form below - we will send you a floral questionnaire. This is SO important because it gives you time to clarify your vision as well as allow us to have a super successful and productive call. Don't get overwhelmed by the questions (because there are a lot of them!) - if you get stumped by anything, leave it blank and let's chat about it on our call. 

Before you get started, I want you to keep a few things in mind.


Ok, so I'm a super transparent person so I have to be honest from the beginning. I HAVE to know a range for your floral budget. I'm not trying to scam you, take advantage of you - or ANYTHING like that but knowing your budget helps me point you in the right direction for flower types and gives me the opportunity to recommend different ideas if you have a specific budget to stay within.

No idea what your budget is? That's fine too. I would love to create a vision, put it on paper and then scale back from there if need be.

My goal for this call is for you to find out your total floral investment and see if it is the right fit for you. I am happy to make adjustments to add on or scale back.


There are two types of floral classes: Standard and Premium. When I chat with you about this on the call, there are a few things to note. 

Standard Floral Examples:  Roses, stock, hydrangea, waxflower, spray roses, seasonal floral, etc.
Premium Floral Examples: Peony, ranunculus, garden roses, snapdragon, etc.

The standard floral will be less per stem and the premium floral will be more per stem.

After our call, you will receive a Mood Board and Proposal as well as an invoice. The Mood Board will describe everything we have written out including inspo photos and the invoice will have pricing. 

There will be three different costs broken down on your invoice:
Floral Cost - Cost of floral and / or rentals per arrangement. This also includes the additional floral we have to order just in case any floral comes in damaged / unusable. Since it comes from God's green earth, we have to be safe than sorry. Not every stem that comes in looks good enough to put in your arrangements. Quality is incredibly important to us.
Floristry Fees - 15% of Overall Materials. To cover all aspects of design, labor & production, trip to the flower market and additional staffing.
Labor / Delivery - Includes set up, design and delivery by the Runway Floral Fairies Day Of. Repurposing floral included. This also covers our transportation fee for our van, gas, and tolls. Strike may be included in this fee depending on if we have rentals to pick up or floral to strike.

I did it this way so you can see the complete breakdown on where your money goes. If you would like to make any updates/changes we are happy to do so until you are happy with the final design.

The deposit is 50% and balance is due 30 days prior to your event date. 


We will have a final call 45 days prior to your event to update your invoice of any changes, review all of the details (such as quantity, ribbon color, style, etc.) and make sure we have everything perfect. 


You will have a team of floral fairies that will deliver your personal flowers, set up your details and make sure everything looks amazing. They will be there to repurpose floral from the ceremony if necessary - and if you have any rental items, they will come back at the end of the night to pack those up and clean up the floral items. 

We care about you and want you to have the floral design of your dreams - so please let us know if there are any other questions you have for us!